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Dental Implants
Dental Implants

Why Choose Clock Tower Dental Associates For Your Dental Implants?

Clock Tower Dental provides all the basic treatment for dental implants in Long Island. If you want to replace missing teeth, enhance your smile, and maintain your oral health, the ideal tooth replacement option is a dental implant. Read on to understand what dental implants are, and how they are implemented. You shall also learn the main types of implants, the benefits and risks of this procedure, and prerequisite procedures one should go through before getting a dental implant.

We specialize in dental implants and make it easy for you:

  • Dr. Nejat is a Board Certified Periodontist, who is currently a course instructor for the American Academy of Periodontology and numerous dental societies.
  • Night time appointments available
  • Our office participates with most dental insurance plans
  • Financing options available including interest-free!

Our Patients Say it Best

“Prior to visiting Clock Tower Dental Associates, my mouth was a mess. During my visits it was determined that dental implants were the only treatment that would allow me to retain what I considered normal oral activity such as eating, or more basically, smiling! Before the implant procedure, I only had one bottom tooth remaining, and it was on its way out. Clock Tower created my new “teeth,” which were screwed into the implant. Before being treated by Clock Tower Dental Associates, my mouth was cause for great concern. Now that the implant process is complete, I am no longer worried about my teeth slipping and I am once again able to eat my favorite foods without concern!” Eileen L

What is a Dental Implant?

This refers to an artificial tooth root placed in your jaw for the purpose of holding a bridge or replacement tooth. These implants are mainly used by people who have missing teeth because of an injury, periodontal disease, or for some other reason.

How Are Dental Implants Implemented?

If you want to get dental implants in Long Island, you can rely on Clock Tower Dental to perform this procedure through the following basic steps:

Step 1

The implant, usually a tapered or cylindrical post composed of titanium, is fitted surgically into your jawbone

Step 2

As you begin to heal, your implant fuses with your jawbone and the two grow together to form a long-lasting and strong foundation for replacement teeth. The healing process may last between a few weeks and months

Step 3

After the implant bonds with your jaw bone, a connector or abutment is placed on your dental implant and connects your implant with the replacement teeth.

Step 4

A single tooth, dentures with multiple teeth, or a bridge, is attached to the abutment

Types of Dental Implants

Endosteal: This is the most common type of implant. Each endosteal holds one or more prosthetic teeth. The main types of endosteal implants include cylinders, bladders, or screws that are surgically fitted into one’s jawbone. When the gum tissue heals, another surgery is conducted to connect a post to the implant. An artificial tooth is then attached to the post or fitted on a denture or bridge. Endosteal implants are mainly used as alternatives for patients with removable dentures or bridges.

Subperiosteal: This kind of implant consists of a metal frame fitted slightly below the gum tissue and onto the jaw bone. Metal posts attached to the frame emerge through the gums. Artificial teeth are mounted on these posts. These implants are common for patients with minimal bone height and who cannot wear traditional dentures.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The main advantages of dental implants include:

    • Improved speech: Poor fitting denture can cause the teeth to slip causing you to slur your words or to mumble
    • Improved appearance and comfort: Implants feel and look like natural teeth because they are created to bond with your jaw bone and become permanent. Implants are also more comfortable than removable dentures
    • Easier eating: Sliding dentures make chewing food difficult. Dental implants are like natural teeth. They enable you to eat your favorite meals without pain.
    • Improved oral health: With tooth support bridges, you may have to reduce other teeth. Dental implants do not require you to alter nearby teeth. The rest of your teeth are left intact and this improves oral hygiene and gives you easier access between your teeth.
    • Durability: Implants last for many years and are more durable than other dental procedures.
    • Convenience: Dentures are removable and can be embarrassing or even messy because of the adhesives used to hold them in position

Implants are more convenient and discreet.

Dental Implants

Potential Concerns of Dental Implants

Poor Bone Density

Dental implants require osseointegration for a high success rate. This is the body’s mechanism for allocating phosphorus and calcium to the jaw bone. When a person has missing teeth for a long time, the body stops directing phosphorus and calcium to the jawbone. As a result, the jaw bone will deteriorate since these minerals are necessary for keeping the bone healthy and dense. Most people suffering from poor bone density require a bone graft to improve the success rate of an implant procedure.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease also poses problems for dental implant candidates. People suffering from chronic periodontitis experience severe bone deterioration. Bacteria destroy the connective tissue at the teeth roots and also ruin the bone and gums. Gum disease should be dealt with before opting for a dental implant.

Slow Healing

Patients who heal slowly following surgery are not suited for dental implants. While some dentists place implants on slow healers, these patients need to be monitored closely throughout the recovery phase. Medication such as biophosphates may also lower the success rate of implants. Patients are advised to inform their dental implants specialist about their medical history and any medications they are using before they go through an implant procedure.

Prerequisite Procedures Necessary Before Getting Dental Implants

Bone Grafting

This procedure is also known as bone augmentation. A bone graft is performed to build up bone tissue mass and density. Bone grafts may be harvested from a patient’s body, or from a cadaver, or even made from synthetic material. The patient’s jaw will then be supplemented with the manmade or harvested bone material. The patient’s bone marrow will also be added to the bone which is then secured in position using small screws. Your dental implants specialist will close the site using a membrane and sutures. You can expect the graft to heal within 9 months.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

In minor cases of gum disease, the dentist will perform deep cleaning and recommend special tooth paste and mouth rinse for the restoration of oral health. For advanced gum disease, your dentist may advice you to undergo surgery. During surgery, dead gum tissue will be removed to promote the growth of healthy tissue. A bone graft could be required for patients with damaged bone tissue.

If you are a resident of Long Island, NY looking to fill missing teeth and improve your smile, call Clock Tower Dental for any of your concerns regarding dental implants. You could also visit us for a free consultation. With dental implants going for $995, you are guaranteed to get the value for your money at Clock Tower Dental. Contact us today and trust us to address your oral health concerns to your satisfaction.

Dental Implant Results

Patients receive all the benefits of natural teeth with their dental implants. It is important to continue good oral hygiene with the implants to prevent bacteria buildup, which can cause gum disease or bone loss.

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