Are Dental Implants Right for Me: What are They and What Are the Benefits?

When you’re missing teeth, it can be difficult to feel confident in your smile and you may find that you avoid smiling or even talking because of the way that you look. In the past, your only two options for replacing a missing tooth were with a fixed dental bridge and a partial denture. While bridges are ideal for many patients, they require that surrounding healthy tooth structure be compromised and filed down just to make room for the actual bridge. Partial dentures are great for some, but they aren’t permanent and have to be removed to clean. Thankfully, technology has come a long way and dental implants have become the go-to option for patients missing teeth. Not only can implants help to replace single missing teeth, but they can be used to keep both bridges and dentures firmly in place.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are often made out of surgical-safe titanium. The implant post itself is inserted deep into the bone of the jaw, where it’s able to fuse naturally with the surrounding structure over the course of just a few months. The process is quick, easy and incredibly beneficial. Once the implant has bonded with the bone, it becomes a secure and stable anchor for restorations to be placed on top. The freshly healed implant can now hold crowns, bridges and even full dentures.

Zirconia implants are metal-free, comfortable and resemble natural teeth due to their white, ceramic finish.  Zirconia can be excellent choices to rejuvenate your smile and restore lost teeth, but there are various factors that may make Zirconia a great choice for your mouth. 

Zirconia has been used in dental implants in Europe for over 30 years and in the United States since 2017. These implants are designed to:

  • Prevent gum discoloration
  • Resemble natural teeth
  • Avoid corrosion
  • Remain durable and natural in appearance
  • Preserve and enhance the appearance of your smile

Zirconia dental implants are biocompatible; they will fuse to your bone, forming a seamless progression that looks and feels like a natural tooth. In addition, because Zirconia is a crystal material that sets with a natural ivory color, there is no risk of a metallic appearance at the gumline as may be the case with titanium implants. When you opt for Zirconia dental implants, you can brush and clean them just like natural teeth. 

As Zirconia dental implants are particularly resistant to plaque. While regular cleaning and dental check-ups remain important, reduced plaque accumulation can reduce the risk of other health dangers like peri-implantitis, strokes or heart disease.

Why Would They Be Needed?

The most common reason for needing a dental implant is because you’re missing one or more of your natural teeth. Once an implant has been placed, a special crown, bridge or denture can be made to sit over it. The implant acts like a normal tooth root that’s solidly in the bone of your jaw. Rather than having to compromise surrounding teeth to hold restorations, the implant acts on its own to help restore fullness and beauty to your smile. Not only are implants essential for improving the look of your teeth, but they help in restoring overall functionality to your mouth. With added teeth in areas where they were missing, you’ll find it easier to chew and eat your favorite foods.

What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits to choosing implants over other restorative options. For one, implants are relatively permanent since they can last for three or more decades without showing any signs of disrepair. This means that once those implants have been given time to fuse with the bone, the implant post is there to stay and you won’t need to provide it with any special attention in comparison to the rest of your smile.

Implants are safe and incredibly durable. Rarely will they experience problems and most of the issues that may occur revolve around bone loss experienced in and around the jaw. They can withstand the daily force and pressure of biting down, chewing, eating and even clenching and grinding your teeth. This is because implants are made out of titanium, which has long been used in a variety of surgical procedures.

Another reason for implants being as beneficial as they are is because they don’t require any surrounding teeth to be compromised. The implant is placed only in the area or areas where it’s needed. Surrounding teeth won’t need to be touched, filed down or treated just to replace a missing tooth. This saves healthy tooth structure while simultaneously improving the appearance of your smile.

Are You a Good Candidate?

In order for dental implants to heal successfully, you’ll need a healthy bone structure and be free of any bone loss issues. However, if you do have bone loss in and around the jaw area, a bone grafting can be performed to help restore what’s missing and provide a solid foundation for new dental implants. Ideally, you should be free of any medical disorder or disease that prevents you from healing properly after surgical procedures. Keep in mind that the majority of patients who want or need dental implants can safely have the procedure done. Implants take just a couple of months to heal fully and you’ll need to then return to the office to have a special crown, bridge or denture made for the new restorations.

For men and women living in Franklin Square, NY, implants are a wonderful way to restore your smile and improve your appearance. Regardless of the current state of your mouth and how much work you need, implants can work quickly to completely transform your teeth so that you feel confident in the way that you look. The process of placing implants begins with a consultation, which includes an examination and a series of x-rays. A treatment plan will help to determine if and when implants can be placed and whether or not you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Dental implants are a solid and permanent solution to many of your smile woes.

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