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Clocktower Can Help You Smile in a Day

People get dentures for many reasons including: The loss of their teeth from either gum disease, tooth decay, or injury Restoring their smile Filling out their face and profile because without teeth their facial muscles sag To eat and speak better While these are all valid reasons to get dentures, another reason people get dentures […]

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Your Smile in a Day Decision

Clock Tower Dental understands that making the decision to restore your smile with their premiere dental implant procedure, Smile in a Day™ can be one of the most important decisions you could ever make. With your decision, you will be able to close those missing gaps in your smile, easily chew food again, and restore […]

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Smile in a Day

Clock Tower Dental wants to help you smile again with their premiere dental implant procedure, Smile in a Day™. You can restore your smile in just one day, with a virtually painless procedure that provides you with permanently fixed arches and teeth that are ready for immediate use. With Smile in a Day, you can […]

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Veneers vs Dental Implants

If you want to improve your smile in Long Island, you may be interested in looking into dental implants or veneers. Both options can provide different types of benefits for people with damaged, missing or decayed teeth. However, many dental patients in Franklin Square may not be fully aware of the differences or how to […]

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Zirconia Implants

Dental implants can be a great option for people in Franklin Square who want to improve their oral health and the appearance and comfort of their mouth. Implants provide a permanent solution for tooth loss and are rooted in the patient’s jaw for a long-term change that can mimic the look and feel of natural […]

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What are Dental Implants and does my insurance cover them?

Dental implants serve as a common intervention for tooth loss. Tooth loss can occur from a multitude of reasons, such as: Lack of or poor oral hygiene Plaque and tartar buildup Gum disease Tooth decay Accidents Many other reasons A dental surgeon places an artificial tooth root into the jawbone, creating a strong, stable foundation […]

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