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Modern dentistry includes a wide array of technologies and services in order to ensure your smile, and the smiles of your family, are full and healthy. A full and healthy smile is directly linked to greater general health, and improved self-confidence.

From the time we are young, good oral care should be stressed to promote healthy habits and avoid bigger issues later in life. By coming to the dentist regularly, children and adults alike will develop good oral care routines, and healthy smiles as a result.

Good oral health is essential for looking good and feeling good as you attack your everyday life, and at Clocktower Dental, we have the experienced personnel and the advanced technology to guarantee your needs are met. We are constantly on top of the new trends in dental care and provide our patients with the best overall experience they have come to expect.

Your comfort is our priority, so we provide all our services and technology in office, and will not waste your time by referring you to other dental practices.

Services Included

  • Cavity Correction– Offering unique benefits and advantages, such as safer options for your teeth and a greater aesthetic appeal by using tooth colored safe fillings as opposed to metal fillings
  • Comprehensive Dental Exam– Providing a careful and detailed overview on the state of your smile
  • Conscious Sedation Dentistry– Helping patients relax during procedures without putting them under anesthesia
  • Dental Abscess– Careful correction for abscessed teeth
  • Dental Fillings– Our best way to restore teeth damaged due to decay
  • Dental Sealants– Thin plastic covers to help prevent tooth decay
  • Dental Splints– Designed to help relieve pain caused from clenching your teeth
  • Dental Trauma– Fixing your oral emergencies with the best technology available
  • Fluoride Treatment– Helping to make teeth more resilient to tooth decay
  • Gum Disease– Preventive and corrective procedures to help keep your gums safe
  • Impacted Tooth Correction– Offering corrective surgery to fix impacted teeth
  • Laser Dentistry– Using the most sophisticated dental lasers to help discover any problems in your mouth
  • Oral Hygiene– Providing our patients with the cleanest smile they desire
  • Sedation Dentistry– For major surgeries, we offer sedation to help remedy the problem

Technologies Included

  • Intraoral Camera- State of the art device that helps our dentists understand the exact conditions inside your mouth
  • Extraoral Camera- Top of the line cameras that can provide even greater detail by taking photos of the entire upper and lower arches
  • DIAGNOdent- Revolutionary device that uses lasers to inspect patient’s teeth to detect and fight cavities
  • Dental X-Rays– Providing an in-depth look at all oral health issues that are difficult to detect

In addition to this, all our dentistry sub-specialties are performed under one roof, ours, to ensure the utmost convenience for our patients. Specialties such as oral surgery, orthodontics, and endodontics are performed in the office and will not require a trip to another specialist. At Clocktower Dental, we want to ensure you receive the most comprehensive and convenient treatment as possible.

When To See Us

Visits to the dentist shouldn’t occur solely to address a problem. Regular check-ups can help assure that your mouth looks great and feels great all year around. Our comprehensive dental exams will discover any problems you might have, and help us get in front of it before the issue becomes more serious. In addition to this, our state of the art technologies will confirm nothing goes unchecked or uncorrected.

People with problems like gum disease and plaque buildup will need to see us more often to stay on top of their ailment, but at Clocktower Dental we have the personnel to make sure your smile is always healthy. Come in and see us and guarantee optimal oral health for you and your family!

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