Back To School Dental Care Guide

Back to school is a great time to start taking better care of your child’s teeth. If you’ve heard the words that good oral hygiene starts early, this is because it is true! You can help your kids develop healthy habits by checking out this back-to-school dental care guide.

Be Mindful About What They Drink

A lot of parents limit the amount of soda that their children consume because they know that these types of drinks aren’t good for their teeth. However, fruit juice and sports drinks should be limited as well. The sugars in them can cause cavities. If your child drinks something that’s full of sugar while they are at school, it will most likely sit on their teeth for hours until they get home and brush them. It’s imperative that you encourage your kids to drink water as much as possible in order to limit the amount of sugar that comes into contact with their teeth.

Get Them A Mouth Guard

Many kids play some sort of sport. While this can help them lead a healthy lifestyle, it can also put their teeth at risk. Their teeth could get chipped, cracked or even completely knocked out. This is why you need to get your child a mouth guard that they can wear when they are playing high-contact sports. This will protect them if they do end up accidentally getting hit in the face.

Pack A Lunch That’s Healthy

It’s not uncommon for parents to pack a lot of snacks in their kid’s lunches. This is because these types of items are quick and easy, and there’s no sort of preparation required. Unfortunately, they also aren’t very filling and can be harmful to their teeth. You should opt for foods that aren’t filled with sugar. Carrots, cheese sticks, and whole-wheat crackers are all good choices. If you are worried about your kids not eating what you pack, have them help you plan their lunches.

Make Sure They Are Brushing And Flossing Properly

Quite a few kids don’t brush and floss properly because they just aren’t sure how to do these things properly. Get them a timer that they can use to ensure that they are brushing their teeth for at least two minutes. Show them how to hold the floss in between their fingers, and gently use it from the bottom of each tooth up into their gums. One of the most important things is that you model good oral habits as well. If they see you brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, they are likely to do the same.

By doing all of the things mentioned above, you can help your children develop good oral habits that will last them throughout their lifetime. This is also a great time to take your children to Clocktower Dental Associates for an oral exam. They are located on Long Island in Franklin Square, NY. They are a family dental practice and can treat your entire family as well.

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