Clocktower Can Help You Smile in a Day

People get dentures for many reasons including:

  • The loss of their teeth from either gum disease, tooth decay, or injury
  • Restoring their smile
  • Filling out their face and profile because without teeth their facial muscles sag
  • To eat and speak better

While these are all valid reasons to get dentures, another reason people get dentures is that they don’t know that there are other options available to them, like the Clock Tower Dental Smile in a Day™ procedure. 

In addition, people who have dentures may find that they have the following issues:

  • Difficulting eating due to the dentures slipping out of position. Some foods, such as nuts and seeds, can get stuck underneath your dentures and cause discomfort. As a result, until you get used to dentures you need to change your diet and eat softer foods and cut your food into smaller pieces so that chewing is easier. 
  • Speaking is difficult because you may feel like there is a foreign object in your mouth and it interferes with your speech. You have to practice saying words and speak slowly. 
  • Dentures can slip out of position when you smile, laugh, or cough. It can also happen to you while you are eating or talking. Sometimes you either need to get them adjusted or just get used to using them.
  • Cleaning dentures is not the same as real teeth. You need to remove your dentures and brush them with a non-abrasive cleaner and not regular toothpaste.
  • Your gums and mouth can become irritated and sometimes mouth infections, such as cheilitis or stomatitis occur
  • Having to use a dental adhesive to keep your denture in place can sometimes mask old or poorly fitted dentures
  • Having to regularly remove your dentures at night

Looking over the list of issues people have with dentures, why not consider the Clock Tower Dental option of getting a Smile in a Day? With Smile in a Day, you can restore your smile with a virtually painless procedure that gives you permanently fixed arches and teeth for immediate use.

You will be able to: 

  • Easily chew food again
  • Close up those missing gaps in your smile
  • Have better oral health because your implants will be able to stimulate your jaw
  • Not worry about having your teeth slip
  • Restore your confidence and your smile

Smile in a Day is a minimally-invasive implant technique that uses only four dental implants that provide you with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the same day as your procedure. There is no more need for dentures, especially if they are loose and ill-fitting. The Smile in a Day procedure gives you permanent teeth. There is no more need to remove your teeth at night, no worries about your teeth slipping out of position, and there is no need for dental adhesive or having difficulty eating. 

The Smile in a Day procedure may be just what you need to restore the smile you have always wanted. 

If you are interested in Smile in a Day dental implants, please contact us to arrange a consultation. The dentists at Clock Tower Dental will discuss your dental history and your concerns and explain treatment options so you can make an informed decision.

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