What are the Risks of Not Going to the Dentist During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Clocktower Dental Associates has always maintained high standards of infection control. We’ve had to because of diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C. Our instruments are sterilized after use and our exam rooms are cleaned and disinfected between each patient. Because of COVID-19, we have had to expand our infection control procedures so that we could also focus on airborne diseases. When our office reopened we reopened with a new infection control protocol in place that cleans the air we breathe. You may have noticed that in addition to the normal protective equipment we wore before COVID-19, we are now wearing even more. Because there is no social distancing in dentistry COVID-19 infection protocols are now in place. This is to protect you, our patient, and us, your provider. 

You may have put off dental care during this COVID-19 pandemic and we understand your reasons. But you may question whether or not you should wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to go away before you could come in for dental care? The answer is no, you shouldn’t. By putting off your dental care it eventually then becomes critical dental care. The risk of any dental problems you may be experiencing now becoming more serious is extremely high.

By delaying care, the minor dental issues you may have now can become more serious resulting in more extensive treatment. For example:

  • You may have teeth with cavities that need to be filled become teeth that need a root canal 
  • You may have a tooth that could have been treated with a root canal requiring an extraction 
  • If your mouth has oral cancer it may not be discovered so you could receive proper treatment 

Additionally, by delaying your dental care you are opening yourself up to all kinds of serious medical health issues. From your teeth? Yes, your teeth. When you delay your dental care you increase your risk of developing gum disease, tooth, and bone loss as well as other serious health issues related to poor dental care including heart attacks and the onset of diabetes. 

Research has shown that poor dental health, especially gum disease, can lead to heart attacks, diabetes, mental health issues as well as other serious health conditions. Periodontitis, which is an advanced gum disease, lets bacteria build up in pockets around your teeth. This bacteria can spread to your bloodstream. 

While we have been focusing on maintaining 6 feet for social distancing, wearing protective masks, and washing our hands, maintaining a clean mouth, during this pandemic, is also an important measure of protection since COVID-19 is transmitted directly through the air. It’s one more way the coronavirus threatens our health.

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • Maintain a healthy mouth by flossing, brushing your teeth, and using a mouth rinse
  • Decrease or eliminate alcohol, tobacco, or drug use
  • Practice healthy nutrition
  • Replace your toothbrush and electric toothbrush head regularly
  • Get back into the routine of routine dental exams at our office, in Franklin Square 

This is a very important time for you to come in for your regular dental cleaning and exam. 

Regular dental cleaning and checkup with the dentists at Clocktower Dental helps us ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy, lets us check for abnormalities, and makes sure that your bones are strong. 

Has it been more than six months since you have had a dental checkup? Then, it’s time to make an appointment. Please give us a call at 516-352-1000 or use our easy online form.

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