What’s Your New Year’s Resolution for Your Teeth?

A new year is a time for resolutions, and they can be both personal and professional. Achieving your goals in every area of your life will make you happier and healthier.

Here are three resolutions that will brighten your smile this year:

  1. Decide to adopt healthy dental care habits when it comes to your oral health.

Good dental habits are essential for healthy teeth and gums because your teeth are covered in microorganisms after a meal. When you don’t brush your teeth regularly, plaque and tartar can build up on the teeth and gums, resulting in decay, receding gums, and even receding gums.

Here’s how to practice complete oral health care at home:

* Choose a soft-bristled brush to clean your teeth twice a day to prevent damaging your enamel.

* Move your brush in a circular motion for two minutes.

* Use a toothbrush angled at 45 degrees to reach all surfaces of your teeth. The bristles should be angled toward the gum line, not perpendicular to it.

* Floss or use an interdental brush to clean between your teeth once a day.

When you’re done brushing and flossing, use a mild antiseptic mouthwash to remove any remaining bacteria.

  1. Make a commitment to a healthy diet.

How does your diet affect your teeth? The foods you eat can have a significant impact on them. For instance, coffee, alcohol, and some fruits are acidic and can wear away tooth enamel over time. Drink water instead of coffee or alcohol. Eat oranges instead of grapefruits. And brush with toothpaste after chewing any fruits.

You should also keep in mind that sugary and acidic foods are extremely harsh on your teeth. Consuming these products daily will increase cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. You can reduce their harmful effects by consuming them less frequently.

Finally, your teeth and gums need the right nutrients to stay healthy. Fruits and veggies not only improve your overall health but also your dental health. Get advice from your dentist on keeping a balanced diet with the right vitamins and nutrients to protect your smile.

  1. Resolve to address your dental issues this year.

Take care of any dental problems that require your attention. For instance, an improper bite can have a significant effect on your oral health. It’s the most common disorder in dentistry. Because the upper jaw is too far forward when compared with the lower jaw, this can result in problems chewing, TMJ, and neck and shoulder pain.

A neglected dental problem can lead to more serious issues if not addressed. Treatment plans include tartar removal, dental implants, and root canal therapy.

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