Clear Braces vs. Traditional Braces

The previous days of headgear and heavy duty metal braces to fix teeth are long gone. In today’s world, you have several options that are significantly more comfortable and easy than traditional treatment to straighten teeth. Treatment options are so diverse that it may be difficult to even tell if you or your child has braces.

Traditional Braces
Traditional braces today are far less invasive than the mouth full of metal they used to be. They are less obvious, smaller, and use body heat to reduce associate pain and expedite results.
Traditional braces are the most cost effective option, and you can choose from a variety of band options, meaning you can customize your braces to your favorite color. The downside of traditional braces is that they are the most noticeable form of straightening teeth.

Clear Braces or Invisalign®
Invisalign® is fast becoming the most popular option, particularly for adults that want straight teeth without the hassle of regular braces. With this treatment, a set of 18-30 plastic teeth aligners are tailor made to fit your teeth. The aligners are changed every two weeks and the teeth shift in order to move toward your preferred result.

The benefits of clear braces are that they can be removed to eat all the foods you like, and there are no restrictions when it comes to food and drinks. They are also virtually invisible, and you don’t have to see an orthodontist to get them.
Unfortunately, Invisalign® won’t work on every case, and aren’t often used for kids. They can be more expensive than traditional braces, and it may take longer to get the results you want.

Give Us a Call
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