Do I Need to Replace a Missing Tooth?

When we lose a tooth, it can feel like the end of the world. It is hard to smile without feeling discomfort about your personal appearance. You may even avoid going out in public for fear of being noticed by others who are staring at your mouth. Luckily, many solutions will allow you to replace your missing tooth with a procedure that feels natural and comfortable for you.

The first decision you should make is whether or not you want to replace your missing tooth with a natural looking crown. This procedure will involve placing some type of dental material over the top surface of your remaining teeth, which can be metal, porcelain, or plastic. These materials are typically bonded in layers and then polished until they look like another natural tooth. They may last for many years as long as they are properly cared for by maintaining regular visits to the dentist’s office and brushing twice per day following good oral hygiene habits.

Alternatively, if you have an implant placed underneath one side of your gums that replaces the root structure from where it was removed-this is known as a bridge replacement instead of a traditional crown- an artificial tooth is placed on the implant. This procedure can also last for many years as long as it is cared for properly and regularly visited by your dentist to make sure everything remains intact.

If you are not a candidate for dental implants, then there may be other options that will allow you to replace your missing tooth without going through any type of surgery such as using an overdenture or getting dentures put in place. These procedures have their own unique benefits and disadvantages, but they should all be explored before deciding what works best with your needs.

In general, the best decision you can make is to explore all of your options and find what works for you. This will give you a renewed sense of confidence that has been missing since losing your tooth in the first place. The feeling of being whole again is well worth it!

Some people are more aware or sensitive than others when wearing their dentures while they sleep, which may take some time before everything becomes normal. There are many solutions such as sleeping on one side rather than both sides, using an anti-snoring device, reducing caffeine intake at night, stopping smoking cigarettes, and lessening alcohol consumption which can also help with snoring.

If you are still experiencing problems, it may be time to talk to your dentist about the possibility of receiving a sleep apnea appliance. This device can help with snoring and similar issues that arise while sleeping by keeping the airways open so they do not become blocked, which causes people to start snoring in the first place. If this sounds like something worth exploring more then make an appointment today!

Some of the most common problems people have with their dentures are that they make it difficult to speak or chew, become loose and fall out easily, irritate teeth causing even more discomfort. Luckily there is a solution for each problem which includes wearing your devices 20-22 hours per day rather than 24 hours; making sure you wear them at night after brushing just before bedtime instead of only during waking hours; using a retainer cord that attaches tightly around your head or neck so they won’t slip off while eating or sleeping; avoiding chewing sticky foods such as gummi bears due to its adhesive properties and lastly getting fitted by an experienced dentist who can analyze what may be happening underneath the surface.

You should also ask yourself how much time you have to put into caring for your dentures daily. If you travel frequently and are gone from the house most of the day, then it may be difficult to keep up with this maintenance routine such as brushing when needed and thoroughly cleaning them after each meal. There could also be an issue if they’re uncomfortable for too long which can lead to more issues down the line so try going through all these scenarios to find what works best for you!

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