What No One Tells You About the Effects of Tooth Loss

Plenty of people lose a tooth at some point in their lives either as a result of naturally falling out or through physical trauma. As soon as you realize you are missing a tooth, you should see a qualified dentist to get dental implants in Franklin Square, NY. Implants are a great tooth replacementoption, and it is more preferable over not getting any replacement at all. Here are some of the most destructive things that can happen after experiencing tooth loss.

Loss of Jaw Bone

Many people think that the only thing that happens after losing a tooth is looking like a hockey player, but more damage can occur if you do not seek restorative procedures. Your jaw bone requires stimulation to remain viable. While your teeth are in place, they move little by little, rubbing against each other. These slight movements get transmitted through your periodontal ligament, causing your jaw bone to rebuild itself constantly. Without a tooth, that transmission is lost, and your jaw bone starts deteriorating. This can cause you to age prematurely and create a sunken appearance in your face.

Inability to Eat Certain Foods

Having just a single tooth missing can affect what kinds of foods you can eat. Unfortunately, many people missing teeth are unable to eat hard, highly fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits containing Vitamin A. It is simply too difficult to consume these foods, so many people opt for foods that are easier to chew, which are typically less healthy. This not only affects your oral health. It also affects the health in the rest of your body because you are taking in fewer fruits and vegetables.

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