What is CAD/CAM Technology?

When you need to restore a tooth in Franklin Square, Clock Tower Dental provides you with the fastest, most precise method available to restore your healthy smile in just a single visit. If you’re dealing with cavities, tooth decay or other issues that require a filling, tooth restoration our dental office can relieve pain and restore the health of your mouth.

Perfect Restorations with CAD/CAM

The CEREC 3D system means that your dentist can obtain a perfect view of the inside of your mouth and fit your new filling precisely to the contours of your jaw, eliminating the discomfort and difficulty chewing that can accompany imprecise fillings. CEREC, a computerized design system for dentists, stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. With the comprehensive 3D image of each patient’s teeth and jaws available with this system, our dentists will be able to gain a full visual understanding of your mouth with a level of clarity that means they can also show you where the problem is and how dental treatment can benefit you.

Save Time and Get Better Results

You can save time, avoiding multiple appointments and lengthy delays, when you need a crown, inlay or onlay. The filling or cap will be precisely fitted to your mouth, without differentiation between temporary and permanent fillings. CEREC also uses a small scanner to take a precise picture of your teeth and jaw. The scanner fits neatly in the hand of the dentist for a comfortable, easy scan for the patient as well. While the old-style trays use to take a dental impression can be uncomfortable and require minutes of waiting, this advanced system makes dental impressions faster and more pleasant.

The 3D imaging device captures the details of each tooth as it glides over them. It clearly distinguishes between teeth and gums and captures the exact shade of each tooth, which means that your crown or filling is produced as a precise shade match to your existing teeth.

Same-Day Crowns Designed for You

The image is easily transformed into a 3D virtual model that your Franklin Square dentist will work with to fabricate your final restoration. With our in-house Milling Chamber, your filling, crown or replacement will be created while you wait based on the advanced model produced by your digital impressions. Our on-site lab polishes the filling or crown and it can be bonded to your tooth right away, eliminating inconvenience and delays.

With this 3D imaging technology, same-day crowns are possible and easy. Your Long Island dentist will not only take this detailed impression but also design and create a new filling, crown, onlay or veneer in just one trip to the dentist that precisely matches the color of your teeth. These fillings are designed to be comfortable and orally compatible, resisting plaque and tartar. These ceramic restorations are highly durable and allow you to move beyond metal for your dental fillings.

Advanced Technology for Better Restorations

With Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, the precise images generated by the 3D imaging technology are used to create your same-day Franklin Square tooth restorations.


The entire process can take as little as an hour from start to finish, and you’ll have a permanent restoration from the very beginning. You won’t have to come back to your Long Island dentist’s office in a few weeks for a permanent solution – just one visit will clear up your dental health concerns.

Advantages of 3D Dental Imaging

Some of the advantages of our Franklin Square 3D dental imaging technology include the following:

  • Complete tooth restoration in just one visit
  • High accuracy with advanced technology
  • Fillings and crowns that match the natural color of your teeth
  • Plaque-resistant, comfortable, safe ceramics
  • High level of precision means greater comfort and longevity

The safety and effectiveness of this advanced 3D dental imaging system are backed up by hundreds of peer-reviewed studies. CEREC imaging can help to ensure that a dental filling or crown is produced right away, protecting your teeth from further damage and relieving the pain that can be associated with tooth decay. It can also provide the information needed for Long Island cosmetic dentistry, including veneers that improve the look and feel of your smile. Same-day dental crowns, onlays, and veneers in Franklin Square are no longer a dream; with Clock Tower Dental’s advanced 3D imaging technology, they are a reality.

At Clock Tower Dental, you can enjoy more comfortable, metal-free, natural and long-lasting crowns, fillings and other tooth restorations without a wait thanks to our 3D imaging technology. To make an appointment at our Franklin Square office, call us at 516-469-3677 or use our simple online form.

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